The Petrol Karts

“Miles better than other indoor places I have visited. Petrol Karts are very quick too!”
All of our petrol karts are purpose-built by race professionals. All are fully size adjustable so no matter your height, size and build we can make you feel completely comfortable when you take to our outdoor track. Each kart has a wrap-around bumper to ensure you're safe and secure, no matter what speed you're going. Petrol go karts are a completely different experience! Equipped with petrol Honda engines they're quicker than electric go karts and much more enjoyable to drive.

Petrol Engines

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Cadet/Bambino Karts

Our Cadet petrol go karts are fully size adjustable and are equipped with a restricted 160cc Honda engine. These karts are lightweight and easier to manoeuvre than Junior or Senior karts making them more manageable, ideal for taking those initial steps into karting.

Age Range: 8 – 10yrs
Minimum Height: 1.2m (3’9”)

Kart DNA:

Engine: 160cc Restricted

Weight: Lightweight

Kart Setup: Handling

Top Speed:

25 mph

Average Lap Time:

60.00 secs


Junior Karts

Our Junior karts are perfectly suited for drivers looking to develop their skills. Equipped with a 160cc Honda engine, these karts are the perfect balance between speed and handling – when driven well they can compete with a senior kart around our agile circuit.

Age Range: 11 – 15yrs
Minimum Height: 1.4m (4’7”)

Kart DNA:

Engine: 160cc

Weight: Middleweight

Kart Setup: Balanced

Top Speed:

35 mph

Average Lap Time:

50.00 secs


Senior Karts

Our Senior karts are the fastest karts available and equipped with a 390cc Honda engine, can reach speeds of up to 55mph. These karts are very quick and not for the faint hearted, capable of setting very competitive lap times they are the ultimate rush.

Age Range: 16+ yrs
Minimum Height: 1.4m (4’7”)

Kart DNA:

Engine: 390cc

Weight: Heavyweight

Kart Setup: Speed

Top Speed:

55 mph

Average Lap Time:

40.00 secs

National Karting Association
The safety of our customers and staff is paramount, as such Stretton Circuit are proud registered members of the National Karting Association (NKA). Our membership to the association means that our circuit and facilities undergo regular inspections to ensure that we comply with very stringent standards and national safety guidelines.
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