SCSS Regulations

SCSS Kart Classes

Unlike many other circuits, we are proud to be inclusive at Leicester Karting and cater for a variety of owner-driver kart classes. Listed below are the classes which are eligible to race in the Stretton Circuit Sprint Series (SCSS).

The information below sets out the broad basis for entry into the series, but we are happy to include any other karts that happen to fall outside of this framework. We aim to run as close to MSA/ABKC regulations as possible with regard to the technical regulations, but we also aim to strip out some of the more trivial regulations in order to make the series as accessible as possible.

Cadet Regulations

SlicksDunlop SL3
WetDunlop KT3


Honda GX160103kg
Honda GX200107kg

• Honda GX160 run DEP Exhausts.


Prokart ExtremeBridgestone YDS / Dunlop SL1
(SL1 Only from June 2022)
Prokart ClubmanBridgestone YDS / Dunlop SL1
(SL1 Only from June 2022)
Prokart ModifiedBridgestone YDS / Dunlop SL1
(SL1 Only from June 2022)
Junior ProkartBridgestone YDSBridgestone YDK / YDF


Prokart Extreme185kg
Prokart Clubman180kg
Junior Prokart165kg

Junior Prokart – Additional Information:

• See below for Series booklet outlining the regulations for this class.
Age 12 to 16 (11 years old if turning 12 in that year).
• Own grid if more than 6x entries.
149cm minimum driver height limit.
40kg minimum driver weight limit.
• Driver must be competent/safe to race.
• Engines must be junior spec with 15mm restrictor plates fitted.

Please see ‘Open Class’ if your kart is not listed in the below table.
For Example: X30, KF, Iame, Biland, Swiss Hutless etc

Adult 2 Stroke Regulations

SlicksKomet Red or Mojo D5
WetKomet or Mojo W5


Rotax Max162kg
Rotax Max Heavy177kg
Rotax Evo164kg
Rotax Evo Heavy177kg
TKM Heavy160kg

Please see ‘Open Class’ if your kart is not listed in the below table.
For Example: X30, KF, Iame, Biland, Swiss Hutless etc

Junior 2 Stroke Regulations

SlicksAny used tyres
WetAny (new permitted)


Mini Max135kg
Junior Max148kg

The ‘Open Class’ is for all karts that don’t currently have their own standalone class available within the 2 Stroke Classes.
For Example: X30, KF, Iame, Biland, Swiss Hutless etc

Open Class Regulations

SlicksOpen Choice (new permitted)
WetOpen Choice (new permitted)


All Karts160kg

With this in mind please also take a few moments to look at the SCSS sporting regulations PDF which are contained in the FAQ section below. If in doubt, please ask. You can call the circuit on 0116 259 2900, join our Facebook group or email us with any technical queries you may have.

SCSS Regulations
Please read through the information below referring to the class/series you are looking to enter.


Sporting regulations for the Stretton Circuit Sprint Series.

Conduct Standards
The SCSS is built on integrity, respect and the conduct of our members.

• All drivers, mechanics, parents and affiliates are expected to conduct themselves to professional and respectful standards at all times.

• Any issues/disputes must initially be brought to the clerk of the course (Ant Durham) which will then be brought to the attention of Stretton officials if necessary.

• Any aggressive or disrespectful behaviour towards any member of staff or driver/affiliates may result in exclusion from the current round with no refund.

• Karting should be fun for everyone involved and we intend to keep it that way.


Image c/o Mark Hall Photography

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