Frequently Asked Questions
Below are some frequently asked questions here at Stretton Circuit, if you have any further questions not listed here please don't hesitate to contact us.

We advertise the availability of Junior parties from Monday – Friday during the Spring/Summer.

This is because we cater for many different type of events and we are conscious that during the these months we have many stag and Hen parties at weekends and these can be quite boisterous.

This is why we prefer not to run junior parties at Weekends.

If you specifically want a Saturday or Sunday booking for juniors during this period please contact reception on 0116 259 2900 as it may be possible subject to other bookings.

Arranging an event at Stretton Circuit is easy. Simply call us on 0116 259 2900 and we will discuss the best format for your group.

There is no minimum number although many of our events cater for groups between 10 and 80 drivers.

Sometimes it is possible to take part in an Arrive & Drive Session without a prior booking but we would always recommend calling us first to check the availability.

All bookings require a deposit of £10.00 per person however, we appreciate that with larger group bookings you may need a little more time to get things organised so we are quite happy to book a provisional date with you and then agree a time when details need to be finalised and the deposit paid.

Once a deposit is in place for a booking we are happy to accept final payment on the day of the event.

Local Council, Youth Groups and Large Company bookings may be settled on account by prior arrangement.

We provide a race suit, gloves and helmet for karting. Whilst the race suit will protect your clothing from dust and dirt, if the circuit is wet the race suits are NOT waterproof and we would advise you to bring a full change of clothes with you.

You will need to bring suitable footwear (strictly no open toes or heels), please also remember that if the circuit is wet, your footwear will get wet and dirty so we suggest you bring an old pair to change into accordingly.

We generally sort out final payments and then finalise the format of your event upon arrival.

You are given a safety briefing which has been recorded by the National Karting Association (NKA).

The NKA provides a strict set of guidelines to which we operate. They carry out an annual inspection of our track, karts and facilities and ensure that we continue to operate to exceptionally high safety standards.

They also provide on-going updates on safety, technical and operational issues as well as representing the karting industry in the UK.

Once you have received your briefing we do a secondary track briefing which is more specific to Stretton Circuit. We explain how the event will run, we help you with braking points, racing lines and cover Kart control. We will even give you a few tips on how to get a good lap time.

With the formalities out of the way it’s time to get suited up and take to the track. All events start with an installation lap giving you an opportunity to get acquainted with the kart and the circuit layout.

One of our marshals will lead you around the track showing you the racing line and the braking point and how to get back into the pits before setting you off on the first of your timed laps.

If you have made a booking and paid a deposit and subsequently find that you are unable to attend we will hold your deposit to a future date PROVIDED that you have given us 72 hours notice AND we have been able to resell your allotted time slot.

If either of these condition are not met then you forfeit your deposit however, in all cases please call us ASAP and we will endeavour to do our best to resolve the problem.

Yes, although we will need to know in advance as we prepare for each event on an individual basis. There are also some occasions where additional drivers will mean a change to your event format.

If you have booked for 10 people to do a sprint challenge for instance then you add another 6 drivers we may have to change your event to an Endurance race.

Most restrictions are covered else where in the relevant sections of the site but here is a brief summary

Karting restrictions

Minimum age for Cadet karts- 8 yrs old – Minimum height – 1.2m (3’9″)
Minimum age for Junior karts- 10 yrs old – Minimum height – 1.4m (4’7″)
Minimum age for Senior karts – 16 yrs old – Minimum height – 1.4m (4’7″)

Minimum group size – 1 – see our Arrive and Drive options in Junior or Senior karting events
Maximum group size – We often cater for groups in excess of 60 drivers


We require all participants to complete an Indemnity form before driving at Stretton Circuit. These form are available at reception at the end of the safety briefing but there are certain circumstances where prior consent is required. In this case the form can be downloaded from the following link.

If you are bringing a group to the circuit you are also permitted to sign indemnity forms on behalf of all participants once the safety briefing has taken place so not all groups will need to download the forms and seek prior consent.

Indemnity form for Junior and adult kart rental

We also host many local authority groups who often require a copy of our risk assessments. These can be downloaded from the following link.

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