We're members of the National Karting Association

Safety is paramount, we are a National Karting Association accredited circuit running to the highest standards

The safety of our customers and staff is paramount, as such Stretton Circuit are proud registered members of the National Karting Association (NKA). Our membership to the association means that our circuit, karts and facilities undergo inspections regularly to ensure that we comply with very stringent standards and national recognised safety guidelines.

Motorsport Can Be Dangerous

Following a full in-depth safety briefing all participants must complete an Indemnity form before driving at Stretton Circuit, these forms are available at reception at the end of the safety briefing.

There are certain circumstances where prior consent is required, however if you are bringing a group to the circuit you are permitted to sign indemnity forms on behalf of all participants once the safety briefing has taken place. Not all groups will need to download the forms and seek prior consent, please check with us prior to the date of your booking.

Safety at Stretton Circuit, National Karting Association
Risk Assessment
We also host many local authority groups who often require a copy of our risk assessments. These can be downloaded from the following link:
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