SCSS Results

SCSS Race Results
Race results and championship tables from the SCSS held at Stretton Circuit

SCSS Results 2022

2 Stroke ChampionshipN/ATBC
Open 2 StrokeNovember 13th 2022TBC
Open 2 StrokeOctober 9th 2022TBC
Open 2 StrokeSeptember 11th 2022TBC
Open 2 StrokeAugust 7th 2022TBC
Open 2 StrokeJuly 10th 2022TBC
Open 2 StrokeJune 12th 2022TBC
Open 2 StrokeMay 8th 2022TBC
Open 2 StrokeApril 10th 2022TBC
ProKart Cadet ChampionshipN/ATBC
ProKart CadetNovember 13th 2022TBC
ProKart CadetOctober 9th 2022TBC
ProKart CadetSeptember 11th 2022TBC
ProKart CadetAugust 7th 2022TBC
ProKart CadetJuly 10th 2022TBC
ProKart CadetJune 12th 2022TBC
ProKart CadetMay 8th 2022TBC
ProKart CadetApril 10th 2022TBC

SCSS Results 2021

Open 2 Stroke ChampionshipN/AFINAL STANDINGS
Open 2 StrokeOct 2021TBC
Open 2 StrokeSep 2021TBC
Open 2 StrokeAug 2021VIEW RESULTS
Open 2 StrokeJuly 2021VIEW RESULTS
Open 2 StrokeJune 2021VIEW RESULTS
Open 2 StrokeMay 2021VIEW RESULTS
Open 2 StrokeApril 2021VIEW RESULTS
Open 2 StrokeMarch 2021Cancelled (Covid-19)
ProKart Cadet ChampionshipN/AFINAL STANDINGS
ProKart CadetOct 2021TBC
ProKart CadetSep 2021VIEW RESULTS
ProKart CadetAug 2021VIEW RESULTS
ProKart CadetJuly 2021VIEW RESULTS
ProKart CadetJune 2021VIEW RESULTS
ProKart CadetMay 2021VIEW RESULTS
ProKart CadetApril 2021VIEW RESULTS
ProKart CadetMarch 2021Cancelled (Covid-19)

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