The Circuit

The Racers Circuit
Measuring 950m, our outdoor karting circuit has been designed, built, and extended over the years and provides a true test for drivers of all levels. A challenging layout complete with a mixture of high and low speed corners, chicanes and our famous hairpin bends that result in an all action driving experience.

“It’s a great track – a proper, flowing circuit”

The Location

Situated in rolling countryside on the outskirts of Leicester, the circuit benefits from a scenic backdrop and generates speed by weaving around banks, trees and buildings, asking questions of both driver and machine.

High speed corners that test your nerves and heavy braking zones make for great racing and encourage overtaking, whilst the flowing nature of the circuit layout feel fast throughout. The grass run off areas and raised kerbs add to the excitement, while tyre walls lining either side of the track are a blur when pushing to the limit.

Take a Look Around
A unique feature of our circuit is the pit lane viewing area that is flanked by the circuit itself on one side, and the pit lane the other. Awaiting drivers and event spectators are positioned right in the middle of the action, getting an amazing perspective (and photos!) of the track action and are able to truly immerse themselves in the event!
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Racing Lines
Racing Lines
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